Yöt Remix EP

The Skweee-group Yöt has released a digital remix EP of their tune “Minigrip Walk”. The EP contains remixes from Melkeveien, Eero Johannes, Mesak and Levon Zoltar and is available through the Raha&Tunteet bandcamp page.

The original track rules and so do the remixes, especially the one from Eero Johannes is unbelievably funky.

Enter Steven Cheung!

Here’s one super funky guy not to be missed! He’s Steven Cheung, a San Francisco based producer. He also runs a great great modern soul/funk blog called Freeligion Music. There’s many really great modern funk artists listed there, info about new releases and great interviews he has done with funk artists. You should definitely check out both the blog and his kick-ass tunes!

E Live

How funky can someone possibly be? Check out E Live! Now this is a guy I’d like to hear more tunes from and I believe I will.

MIKSI2012, A Mixtape from TJ K3

An excellent modern funk mixtape from the fresh finnish DJ talent TJ K3! Download it!

Here’s the track list:

Evil Needle - Good Morning
Evil Needle - Lounging
Mattron - Napsweat
Matmatix - Calle Verde
Marvin Marlyn - Ácido Cerebral
Cy Gorman feat. Will Poskitt - Cool Change (instrumental)
Claws For? - Yellow Orange
Aaro DiCosta - Random beat
E-live - Hard pressed
(nit) neroc - La choutte Chuinte
Benedek - That’s my jam (instrumental)
Ad Bourke - Aquarius rising
Evil Needle - Slow down

A few of my recent favourites on this one, also a few new names. Even one of my tunes! Check it!

Wankers United Live!

The french skweee-artist Wankers United did a show a few weeks ago at Harmönia Label Night, Mbar, Helsinki, Finland and it kicked ass! Besides making some groovy-ass music Wankers United runs the excellent skweee-label Mazout.

In the video Wankers United is performing his evergreen skweee-anthem Superfönky.

New release from Duke Slammer

Here’s two tunes from the soon to be released new Duke Slammer 7”! Duke Slammer is definitely one of the grooviest modern funk dudes around. His style is very distinctive and I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more of him in the future! He recently released a three 7” box set from his digital album “Everybody Sweat”(Bonus Round), all bangers!

New Shigeto

A very groovy, soulful tune posted today on Soundcloud by the great Shigeto! This one will be on his Lineage-EP soon to be released by The Ghostly Store as a digital mini-LP and a limited 12”. Got to get it!

New Mr. Dibiase

Here’s some new Mr. Dibiase soon to be released on the brilliant Fat City Recordings! This will be on the third release from their “Producer#3”-series coming out on 6th February. It rocks as Mr. Dibiase is known to do.

Anton Hammer a.k.a. DJ Basicface

Anton Hammer a.k.a. DJ Basicface from Helsinki, Finland! Now this is one of the most versatile producers I know. He is super productive and has made songs from jazz to skweee and truly is a master of styles. Sadly he hasn’t been released yet, but I hope and believe that he will be and in ridiculous quantities. Check him out!

Ostridge Forrester

Check Ostridge Forrester out! He’s a producer from Helsinki, Finland and he’s got the funk. His debut release is a digital EP soon to be released on the finnish skweee-label Mässy Recordings. Don’t miss it!